Are the cables of the NDH 20 compatible with the NDH 30 and vice versa?

Yes, all cables of NDH 20 and NDH 30 are interchangeable and available as accessories. The 2.5 mm connector with bayonet lock is identical on both headphones.
The cloth covered NDH 30 cable uses internal symmetric wiring for minimized crosstalk, providing razor sharp stereo location. It can also be used with the NDH 20 to take advantage of the benefits mentioned above.

Is it true that the headphone amplifier has an influence on the sound quality of headphones?

Yes, that’s true. The headphone amplifier’s output impedance and crosstalk damping have an audible effect on the sound character and stereo imaging. For optimal performance we recommend an output impedance below 5 ohms and a crosstalk damping of 50 dB or more.

What is the difference between the (open) NDH 30 and the (closed) NDH 20?

Open headphones are still the optimum in natural sound reproduction. The bass range can be presented drier and more defined, the midrange reproduction can be implemented free from resonances, and in the case of the NDH 30 the high-frequency reproduction is optimized with a very special absorber for maximum linearity.

믹싱에 NDH 20을 권장하는 이유가 있나요?

뮤지선들이 녹음 중에 사용하는 모니터 헤드폰은 일반적으로 마이크에 대한 혼선을 최소화하기 위해 밀폐형입니다. 개방형 헤드폰은 종종 믹싱 및 마스터링에 사용됩니다. NDH 20은 밀폐형 헤드폰으로 외부 소음을 잘 차단하는 한편 매우 선형적인 주파수 응답이 특징입니다. 따라서, 소음이 많은 환경에서 완성된 녹음을 편집하고 믹싱하는 데 탁월합니다. 제품 후기는 다음에서 다운로드할 수 있습니다.NDH 20 review.